IMPORTANT UPDATE: DIV application window has closed, effective on Friday, July 28 2017, 11:59pm ET.  Applications are not being accepted at this time until further notice. Please visit www.usaid.gov/div and www.divportfolio.org and follow @GlobalDevLab on Twitter for further updates. For other potential funding opportunities, visit the Global Innovation Exchange at www.globalinnovationexchange.org.

Using an evidence-based, tiered funding model, DIV awards grants of less than $100,000 up to $15 million to support innovative development solutions. For innovations selected for DIV, we complement our funding with tailored support to accelerate their growth. Our mission is to catalyze development solutions with proven, cost-effective impact and support them in achieving sustainable scale through the public and/or private sectors.

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DIV is open year-round and accepts and reviews applications on a rolling basis. Applications are evaluated based on their evidence of impact, cost-effectiveness, and potential to scale. We fund innovations in any sector and any country where USAID operates.

Launched in 2010, DIV was co-founded by Michael Kremer, a Harvard development economics professor, and Maura O'Neill, USAID's former Chief Innovation Officer. Leveraging their respective expertise in development economics, venture capital, and innovation, they sought to combine evidence and innovation into a new approach for seeding and scaling evidence-based development solutions around the world.

DIV encourages smart risk-taking through our tiered, evidence-based model. We welcome applications at any of our 3 stages of funding:

Stage 1: Proof of Concept / Initial Testing ($25k-150k, up to 3 years)
Stage 2: Testing and Positioning for Scale ($150k-1.5m, up to 3 years)
Stage 3: Transitioning Proven Solutions to Scale ($1.5m-15m, up to 5 years) 

Through this model, we strategically test new ideas, gather evidence of what works, find failures quickly, cheaply, and without long-term commitments, and continue to support only proven solutions. DIV is designed to catalyze innovations that work while avoiding long term investments in those that don’t. DIV’s vision is to lead a new approach in international development by investing to enable disruptive solutions that positively impact millions of lives.

Did you know?

Since its founding in 2010, DIV has provided over $90 million in catalytic grant funding to nearly 170 innovations across 10 sectors and over 40 countries. That's progress. 

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