Whether you’re a prospective applicant to DIV, a current portfolio organization, or just anyone looking to learn more about DIV, check out some key resources here!

For DIV Applicants:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: DIV application window has closed, effective on Friday, July 28 2017, 11:59pm ET.  Applications are not being accepted at this time until further notice. Please visit www.usaid.gov/div and www.divportfolio.org and follow @GlobalDevLab on Twitter for further updates. For other potential funding opportunities, visit the Global Innovation Exchange at www.globalinnovationexchange.org.

  • DIV Annual Program Statement (APS)The APS is DIV’s official grant solicitation document that provides information to prospective applicants. It describes the types of projects for which applications will be considered, the funding available, processes for submitting applications, and criteria for application reviews.
  • DIV Expression of Interest (EOI) Form: The EOI is DIV’s preliminary application form. We unfortunately do not yet accept EOIs online. Please download this document (Microsoft Word) and ensure your response is no more than 8 pages.
  • DIV 101 Presentation: This presentation is geared toward helping prospective applicants understand DIV and the application process.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): This document outlines common questions from prospective applicants as well as a more general audience about the DIV model, application process, how we work with portfolio organizations once they are in the DIV portfolio, how to partner with DIV, etc. Please review it in full before emailing us a question. We receive many inquiries! 
  • DIV Blog: Our blog includes a lot of content that will help you better understand the DIV program, what we look for, and how our application process works. We highly suggest perusing the blog before you dive into applying to DIV.

For DIV Portfolio Organizations:

For Anyone:  

For additional resources on DIV, including updates on portfolio organizations, videos, and articles and papers featuring DIV, check out our News site.