Burn Manufacturing: Improved Design Cookstove & Pay-As-You-Go Model

With DIV funding, BURN Manufacturing is expanding in East Africa, increasing its manufacturing capability in Kenya, and running an impact assessment to better understand the health and economic benefits of its products. It operates cleaner, faster, and at a roughly 30% lower cost than common charcoal stoves in East Africa.

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USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development)
U.S. Global Development Lab
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The FDS operates on pellets produced from low cost sustainable agricultural waste and wood sawdust. The FDS is a fan powered stove. The forced air from the fan results in excellent combustion, extremely high efficiency, and very low emissions. The fan is battery powered and the battery can be charged from a solar collector. The pay-as-you-go financing allows users to pay for the new stove and fuel together, at a cost less than they were previously paying for charcoal. 

Do you have current users or testers?

Peri-urban and urban persons in East Africa who are currently using charcoal for cooking. 

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Complete development on a pellet fired forced draft stove that is >30% lower cost than common charcoal stoves.


Next Steps

The FDS stove will be sold wholesale to pay-as-you-go providers for approximately US$50. These providers will manage sales, distribution, and financing for the end user. The end user will have no up-front investment and will make payments of ~$0.20 per day over a 12 month period. Given that daily fuel expenditures will be reduced from $1.15 to 0.80 per day per day the stove is expected to effectively increase household income from day one.

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