EFL Global: Psychometric Credit Scoring

Credit scoring with alternative data to reach the under-served.

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R&D on new application content, building a low-education appropriate application platform, reaching into least-developed markets.

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Lenders attempting to reach the un-banked, under-banked, un-scorables, including banks, microfinance institutions, and retailers. Allows for lenders to safely and profitably reach the under-served.

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Tested over 250,000 applicants across 26 countries, enabling lending of over $500 million to underserved populations. 

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To expand application flow by 17,000 users/month, with lending expanded by $13 million/month to underserved populations.



I am not sure a company looking to profit from the poor by lending them money is the best spend of aid. Is there any information on proposed APRs. which will be charged?